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Month: September, 2014

Watch “Congressman West: The United States Is A CORPORATI” on YouTube

Congressman West: The United States Is A CORPORATI: http://youtu.be/cjSoGBQUGAY


Article: Crow Fair, Montana

Something extraordinary in this day and age, a truly remarkable sight to witness, too bad I couldn’t.

Crow Fair, Montana


Coercions & Deceptions


April | 2014 | Open Door Wealth Management

Do we ever try from jumping through data and information portals, just to find out a code has been written and it voids the former code we studied so hard on.
Yes it is tiresome,  wears us down, why do we keep it up, because we chase the carrots which are for ever dangled before us.
No longer for me, that world sieist to exist any longer for this guy.


Watch “What The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know Abou…” on YouTube

This is just the top, a skimming, a micro film of fraud which is unraveling the justice system or rather injustice kangaroo courts that are  collecting US DOLLARS from unsuspecting citizens.

Legalize, the tongue of deceit, spoken by attorneys, judges, politicians, law enforcement, accountants, get the idea yet; it is your curse, those legal terms which disagree with Websters defined meanings all for the purpose to separate you from your federal reserve notes, and it is their language for courtroom theatrical performances acted out for profits huge profits which gains billions upon billions of dollars annually.

What The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know Abou…: http://youtu.be/V9kVCQ0y5Ec