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Month: August, 2014

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How well do you know your USA – US history?



Watch “White-nose Syndrome in Georgia” on YouTube

White-nose Syndrome in Georgia: http://youtu.be/ldsA1DSGV3M

Alarming extentions happening with bats, honeybees and starfish. What is causing this crisis? Are there any biologist out there who will comment or explain why this is occurring?

Watch “Dept Of Homeland Security Funding Local Police De…” on YouTube

U.S. Tax payers why for do you employ a privately ran corporate federal government that restricts your liberties, invades your privacy, robs you of prosperity, indoctrinates your children and sends your brothers and sisters off to die in war. It takes what little you make to run this12 million dollar an hour corporate government. Feed it no more, starve it until its goes away you are not it’s pray or slaves you are the master of the house. Americans own the White House.

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